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Specialists in construction security

Our staff are experienced working in remote locations either alone or in small teams and are able to travel all over the UK to carry out specialist security services. Whether you need a door supervisor, construction site security or mobile patrols, you can count on 2K’s Security to provide first-rate guard service.

It is well-known that having security on-site is a persuasive visual deterrent for vandals and thieves. Having a security guard on-site offers an immediate and effective response to any intruders targeting the premises. At 2K’s Security, we have years of experience supplying and handling security guards to posts across the UK. We work with a wide network of highly trained and professional Security Operatives with experience in events, shows, film sets and construction site patrols. It is a top-quality, safe and secure service, designed to effectively and economically safeguard your event or site.

Construction site security

Quick, reliable responses to alarms

Our certified security personnel offer a professional key holding service and provide a fast response in the event of an intruder alarm being activated at your home or business. With a network of key holders spread across the UK, we can arrive at the scene in double-quick time to assess for signs of a break-in and alert the police if necessary. Choosing 2K’s Security to take care of your alarm response also has a whole host of advantages from the point of view of insurance and risk mitigation. Find out more about our key holding service here!

Canine security services

At 2K’s Security, we have access to a huge network of professional dog handlers throughout the UK. Working with the most experienced and high-calibre individuals in the business, we guarantee an excellent level of service when it comes to safeguarding your business premises or event. Both the dog handlers that we employ and the security dogs themselves have all undergone extensive training, and are certified to work safely and professionally in the security sector.

In addition to our canine security services, we offer a vast range of construction sites, commercial and residential security services across Scotland, South Wales and Southern England. All of our services are highly flexible and can be personalised according to your specific requirements.

An economical choice

Security Guards are an affordable, practical and highly effective way of preventing criminals and vandals from targeting your property. Our Security Guards know the local area well and understand the likely signs of tampering or an attempted break-in – and will react in a professional and appropriate manner. When you choose 2K’s Security, we will work with you to create a personalised solution based on your individual requirements. Whether you want us to the man you site 24 hours a day or perhaps just overnight, we offer a custom service aimed at maximising security for your property.

Security dog

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