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First-rate door security for events & venues

Whether you are a bar manager, a club owner or a festival manager, the value of excellent-quality door supervision can never be underestimated. In addition to protecting your guests from potential crime risks, dealing with crowd control and expertly handling conflict, a bouncer will also be the first port of call for many vulnerable or even injured people. It is a complex job, and one that requires a high level of training and experience to be done to a high standard. At 2K’s Security, our Door Supervisors are highly dedicated and fully understand the importance of their role. All of our staff members are qualified to deal with the wide variety of situations that may arise in a door supervision position, with appropriate and well-considered action. So your guests can enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, safe in the knowledge that they have protected should anything happen.

Available on a one-off & contracted basis

Setting up a new club night? Planning a festival? Throwing an event? Door supervision is a vital way to ensure the health and safety of your guests, from fire safety to managing conflict. At 2K’s Security, we provide top-quality door supervision services on a one-off and contracted basis across the UK. Offering an exceptional standard of security at competitive prices, our Door Supervisors are fully equipped to work at:

Festival security


Night clubs

Private events

Sporting events


Concerts & festivals

Club security

Our approach to door supervision

We understand that a Door Supervisor isn’t just someone you call on in a time of conflict, threat or potential criminal activity. They are also often the first person your guests encounter when they arrive at a bar or event, and the last person they see before they leave. The conduct of your Door Supervisors is therefore a huge reflection of your business. This is why 2K’s Security ensure that our staff are not only adept at handling difficult situations but also friendly and helpful in times of low activity. It’s a comprehensive approach to door security, from the quietest nights to the busiest ones.

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